I started art school in Portland, Oregon, and graduated in The Netherlands, where I worked as a fine art photographer.  

In 2000, I shared a studio with a costume designer and conceptual artist in Amsterdam.  She challenged me to expand my visual vocabulary, and showed me how to work with light to bring more depth into my work.  I can still hear her voice, "Angela, that is too flat!".  I'm so thankful for all that I learned from her.  I began developing visual language to make the unseen visible.  My artwork took a dramatic shift, as I began exploring painting.

I create collaborative abstract paintings with and artist collective:  Duende As Art.  We've been painting together since 2012, and I am thankful every time we do.  Adriaan Meijer (my husband) and Katherine Rody have helped expand my sight, and have given me the opportunity to explore English language for what I am envisioning.  You have to find common language and meeting ground, when you are painting together.

In my personal work, I am combining contemporary photography and painting to create portraits.  I'm exploring faces and body language, looking for the eternal, an expression of heaven on earth.

Angela Meijer