Creating ATMOSPHERES WITH COLOR AND MOVEMENT and telling visual stories.



Angela started painting on walls at the age of two.  She has always explored learning visual communication, and she began painting with her own abstract language in 2002.  Color and movement are the primary instruments she uses to paint intuitively from the inside out.


Nya Loves The Four Seasons and Her Black Fur is a children's book of poems written by Brian Hoeppner and illustrated by Angela Meijer.  Explore the four seasons with Nya Mouse as she explores and twirls.  More illustrated books for Brian Hoeppner Books LLC are in the works.


Angela paints with Artist Collective: Duende As Art.  Painting with unified vision and creating artworks that are each a unique collective expression.  The artists take turns painting on a canvas, merging their individual expressions into a collective and unified painting.

Creative Catalyst


Friends have described Angela as a creative catalyst.  She is a lifelong learner when it comes to visual communication.  With almost 30 years of experience in various artistic mediums, Angela is always expanding her visual tool belt.  She also loves coming alongside other creatives, finding tools to tell their stories, build their websites, creating murals, and even writing and illustrating books.  Angela helps facilitate an artist collaborative for her girls, called Fireflies Aglow.  She has also facilitated many creative workshops over the years, teaching students to discover their very own visual language.

You can follow her creative adventures on Instagram, Facebook and or send her an email.